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December 6, 2020

Local SEO is the process of search engine optimization that focuses on optimizing a site's local presence in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Local search engine optimization is like organic SEO in that it also is a manual process affecting the rankings of a site or a webpage in the unpaid results of a search engine called "organic", "naturally" derived, or "indirect" results. Both Local SEO and Organic SEO are important for effective Internet marketing and business development. However, Organic SEO is proving to be the most effective way to drive traffic and boost revenue.

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A number of factors affect Local SEO. For example, keywords play an important role in Local SEO. Keywords are those words commonly entered into the search field by users. Research shows that people using the Internet frequently type words or phrases into search fields and, when these words are relevant to the site's content, they usually appear in the top ten results for the targeted keyword.

Entire search engines determine the best results for keywords. The same goes for meta-tags, title tags, the inclusion of keywords in the Meta tag and the actual text of the page or site. Other important Local SEO factors include the number of times the keyword appears on the page or site. The more it occurs, the better Local SEO results the site receives. Inbound links to the page or site also affect the Local SEO ranking.

When a keyword or phrase has been entered into the search field, it is looked up within the databases of various search engines. This process goes on until a page or site is found that contains a link to the searched term or phrase. The link connects the two pages and, depending on the volume and relevance of the incoming links, the pages can rise in the SERPs. Other factors involved in Local SEO are linking strategies. Sites with several internal and external links from high ranking pages can receive even higher rankings due to the link popularity.

Websites that provide informative pages with links to other relevant pages are known as Network driven links. These sites can benefit from being part of a Local SEO program. Links from other high PageRank sites will help to increase their visibility. A site that is a part of an informal network like the alumni association or professional association can be linked back to relevant pages. This creates a network of knowledge that can result in significant Local SEO results. Network links can also be influenced by using blogs, article submissions and press releases.

Many businesses are surprised at the results that a search for products and services in a particular city can yield. Because each local business is unique, the search results are going to vary. When the company's website is part of the Local SEO plan, the results will show up in the results pages and in the SERPs.

For every Internet marketing campaign there is a goal. Many businesses do not understand the power of having targeted traffic to their websites. Targeted visitors are people who are interested in the services and products that a business offers. Local SEO can increase the amount of targeted visitors to a site and thus, the potential for conversion.

The amount of traffic that a site receives will affect the ranking it receives in search engines. When a site is listed in search results, the keywords used are based on the search queries that a visitor has performed. This means that a Local SEO program will have measurable results. Search engines use a variety of factors to determine which sites are ranked in their results pages and how high those sites are ranked within search results.

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